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With every item sold, we donate to an organization we believe in.


Labour Behind the Label

Labour Behind the Label is a UK-based campaigning organisation that lobbies for change in the global garment industry. They do this by raising public awareness to mobilise consumers, pressuring companies to take responsibility for their supply chains, supporting garment workers in their struggles for decent working conditions and pay, and campaigning for governments to take responsibility by legislating for corporate responsibility. They are the UK platform of the Clean Clothes Campaign and work with a network of 250 partners globally.


Founded by Susty's own, LeeAna Benson, and in partnership with the Art is Good Foundation, Dado brings art to schools and communities around the world—by bicycle.  As entrepreneurs of art and design, we understand that creativity is a foundation of success and ultimately happiness. To spread art by bike, well we just think that's cool. Dado is a brand new, developing project that links with Susty's ethos and funding.


This non-profit has a mission to inspire fresh thinking that creates economic opportunity, social equality, and environmental well-being. For example, they created FoodHub, which is an online marketplace designed to connect wholesale buyers and sellers of regionally grown food. Donating to this cause is worth your money as 84% of its funds go towards program costs.

Stop the Traffik

STOP THE TRAFFIK exists to end the buying and selling of people. It is a global movement of activists from all sectors of society who passionately give time and energy to disrupt and prevent human trafficking and its harm and abuse to human beings. Seeks to prevent trafficking through: community transformation, so people know what trafficking is, how it affects them and what they can do about it; global campaigning, mobilising consumers to campaign for human trafficking to be eradicated from business supply chains, and advocating for companies to take meaningful action to prevent it; and gathering and sharing knowledge on how and where human trafficking is taking place.

Wildlife Conservation Network

This eco-friendly non-profit organization protects endangered species and preserves their natural habitats. WCN partners with independent, community-based conservationists around the world and gives them the capital and tools they need to develop solutions for human-wildlife coexistence. 100% of any donation can be designated to the conservation of a specific species if requested.